Collection: Single Stems

Luxury wood flowers stemmed and packaged with care from petal to package! These stems are airbrushed with extreme attention to detail to create a realistic and delicate application of color. They are placed on a faux, plastic stem with leaves to create a realistic effect even next to a traditional flower.

Our clients have used our single wood flower stems for the following:

  • Gifting to show care, thoughts, condolences, appreciation or thanks
  • Sponsor a Stem Promotions to thank caregivers, healthcare workers and teachers
  • Fundraising efforts - inquire about purchasing our stems wholesale so you can raise funds for your cause 
  • Parent's Night Florals
  • Prom Flowers
  • Date Night
  • Placing in a fresh bouquet
  • Wedding DIY
  • DIY Projects
  • Client Thank you Gifts