Affiliate Links

These are my favorite products as a wood flower florist! These are affiliate links, so when you use these links to purchase, you are able to earn me a small percentage back. It is greatly appreciated!! 

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Dough Bowls:

Canvas Apron ( Then I got mine embroidered by a local artist!) 

Here is the color canvas apron I bought for NWB! 


Floral Wires (Paper Covered, Bright Green) 

Single Stem Sleeves 

Stems for Sponsor a Stem that worked well and were cost effective


Single Stemmed Roses to Replace with Wood Flowers 

Photography/Going Live Ring Light

Under Shelf Baskets for extra storage space:

Studio Lighting (Ceiling) 

Drying Rack for drying flowers 

Smaller Drying Rack for drying flowers


Pans for drying rack: 

Shipping Scale: 

Label Printer (Mine is an older version - I assume this one is just as easy to use!) 

Label refills 

 Unicorn Spit Wood Stain for the most amazing flower coverage ever

Unicorn Spit Wood Stain (Smaller Bottles for cost effective purposes when trying for the first time) 

Pressure Steamer for opening flowers in a jiffy! A serious game changer!! 

 Vegetable Glycerin for softening flowers

Travel Backpack for heading to the Wood Flower Florists Conference and Retreat! 

The motivational biz book you will never regret buying - Like a devotional for your self confidence to go rock it. 

Airbrush spray booth with standard window ventilation - Game changer for indoor and winter airbrushing! 

Rhinestone corsage bracelets (They do go on sale from time to time!) 


The most amazing erasable pens for planning


Silver Elastic Corsage Bracelets (more cost effective and softer than Hobby Lobby) 


Geometric holder for trio bouquets and bouquet bars 


 Amazon Echo Show - she acts as my personal assistant - plays me movies and shows, podcasts and audiobooks and sets alarms and reminders for tasks and pickups - plus I can call my favorite people directly from her while I work and video chat with them if they have an echo show too! She can even show me my front door Ring doorbell camera so I know when pickups are here! 


This is not an affiliate link - but it is the state map scratch off I use when I sell a product to a new state! (Yes, its tiny and expensive BUT it was an impulse buy at a local shop and I HAD TO HAVE IT)