My Journey into the World of Wood Flowers

My Journey into the World of Wood Flowers

Hey there, flower friends!  I'm Andi Gretzinger, the heart and soul behind North Wood Blooms LLC, where we spread beauty and joy through arrangements, bouquets and installations created with the everlasting beauty and luxury of handmade wood florals. After years in business, the most frequently asked question is "How did you get started with all of this!?" So let's dive into my story – a journey from being an art educator to the accidental entrepreneur, all fueled by a love for crafting dreams in wood. ❤️

Embracing The Artistry of Wood Flowers:

Picture this: a young mom, an art educator, always planning and creating for others. From lesson plans to meal plans, I often put myself last.  That was until I stumbled upon the magical canvas of wood flowers through a friend getting married. She found them through Shark Tank and a business called "Eco Flower". As a painter with an enthusiasm for the 3D sculptural techniques of ceramics, this medium became my haven! It felt like finding my creative sanctuary, a personal project I could indulge in just for me. The connection was instant, and I knew I had something special in my hands.

From Passion to Purpose:

What started as a personal passion project took an unexpected turn after I lent my artistic touch to the weddings of my sister and a dear friend. The buzz on social media was super positive, with friends and family asking for their own unique wood flower arrangements. Brides started knocking on my virtual door, and before I knew it, my hobby became a side-hustle by accident! 🤯

Roots of North Wood Blooms:

Fast forward to April 2018 – the month I decided to turn my budding dreams into reality and officially founded North Wood Blooms LLC. It was time to let my passion for self-employment bloom, and I dove headfirst into the world of luxury wood flowers. I began creating and posting to social media, learning how to market and plan my business on evenings and weekends, and taking entrepreneurial training courses to make sure I was ready for what was to come! 

Crafting Dreams in Wood:

Now, let's talk about these wood flowers. Each one is a labor of love, handcrafted, hand-painted, and airbrushed to embody the epitome of luxury wood florals. Not only do they last forever, but they're also lightweight, customizable, and can even carry the scent of your favorite essential oils. It's a celebration of sustainability and craftsmanship, all wrapped up in the elegance of wood. If you want to learn more about how wood flowers are made and what they are made from, check out my blog post here! I wasn't always a "luxury" florist - but I sure wanted to be. It took me 5 years of honing my craft and artistry to shift into this market, and to feel confident in my skills and artistry to label and expand my offerings into "luxury wood flowers". I pride myself in doing with wood flowers what an average crafter will not do.  This includes layering colors using color theory as well as art and design principles and sourcing the highest quality materials. When you buy from North Wood Blooms, I want you to know that I care for your product from petal to package, and a lot of love, time and energy goes into each piece. ❤️

From Educator to Entrepreneur:

My journey isn't just about arranging beautiful florals; it's a shift from being an art educator to a self-made entrepreneur, driven by passion and unexpected twists. Every creation is a piece of my heart, a testament to the love I pour into this craft. Part of the reason that I offer DIY Wood Flower Workshops is because I cannot stop teaching and inspiring others to find their creativity and the benefits of doing so. I will always advocate for creating with your hands, using your imagination, and bringing more beauty and joy into this world one wood flower at a time. 


So, here we are, embarking on a journey into wood flowers together. Thanks for being here and reading about my story. I'd love to connect with you about your own story and to support you on your endeavors! Leave a comment below to share with me your own unique story and what brought you to this blog post!

Let's celebrate the magic of wood and make every arrangement a story worth telling! 🌿✨




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