Meet the Florist

Hey there! I'm Andi Gretzinger, the founder, owner and Executive floral artist behind North Wood Blooms.

Floral Artist Andi Gretzinger - Owner Founder and Executive floral artist of North Wood Blooms

As a formally trained artist and licensed Art Teacher, you can trust that I have the skills, knowledge and experience to make your vision a reality. 

I pride myself on stunning color schemes and arrangements that are not only beautiful, but unique. I always request inspiration photos for large events, but I will never copy the design of another florist and believe in the artistry of floral arranging. 

No matter the size or scope of your project, I will design all of the elements in your floral arrangements with your specific vision, color scheme and overall vibe in mind. And if you don't know what you want - you can count on me to help you find the vision, or create from one of my many ideas that is always floating around in my head waiting to be created! 

I absolutely love my home state of Wisconsin and all of my neighbors here, but I can also ship orders nationwide and beyond. North Wood Blooms products currently live in 27 states, Puerto Rico and Germany!

If you love the portfolio I have curated on my Instagram feed, you’ll love seeing your vision come to life in wood flowers too! 



How did you get started with wood flowers? 

I found wood flowers back in 2017 through one of my best friends. She ordered flowers through a company for her wedding.

As soon as I saw sola wood flowers in person, I knew I wanted to add them to my arsenal of crafting skills. Remember how I am a formally trained artist and licensed Art Teacher? I have always had the inherent desire to create, so as a self-proclaimed craft-a-holic, this was no different. 

Shortly after, my sister became engaged and I knew I could make her wedding florals as a gift, and she accepted! Prepping for her wedding meant a lot of trial and error. There weren't many blogs, videos or tutorials to reference because wood flowers were just starting to gain traction in the US. I started posting photos to my personal facebook page and many of my friends and family began ordering small gifts and arrangements. 

A few months before my sister's wedding day, another friend's florist backed out on her! (I believe they went out of business) and I was brought on to help create her wedding florals as well. Within 2 weeks of one another, I watched two NWB brides walk down the aisle carrying wood flower bouquets made by me.

I will be forever grateful to Becky and Mollie for their willingness to "hire" me as their florist! I had an instant portfolio, and the rest is history!