Experience Luxury Wood Flowers in Wisconsin with North Wood Blooms

Experience Luxury Wood Flowers in Wisconsin with North Wood Blooms

You might be wondering - why is North Wood Blooms a company I want to order from? 

Well, we're different. And for many reasons! 

First, the obvious difference is that we are not a traditional fresh-cut florist. We are a wood flower florist specializing in handmade florals that are designed with purpose in mind.

Second, the purpose of our florals is so much more than making pretty things. We want to make an impact. This means we are community and client oriented. We want to make a positive difference for others in the local community, wood flower community, and in the communities of our clients. 

Third, our values are top priority in our company. We value:

  • Care and Quality - From petal to package - your florals are created by our hands with the highest quality and care. We intentionally direct positivity into our workplace, our creations and our service. We really do care about the humans and the stories behind the products.
  • Your experience - We want you to feel valued from start to finish. Without you, we couldn't exist or do what we love.
    north wood blooms kindness sweatshirt
  • Unique, beautiful designs - We are artists through and through. We put the elements and principles of art into our designs from color to composition. You will notice that we elevate our products and show attention to detail for every sprig, petal and stem. We will use other designs as inspiration, but never copy or recreate another artist's work. This stems from the art education experience of our owner and founder. 
  • Kindness. We align ourselves with opportunities to promote kindness in any and every way possible. 


andi gretzinger owner of north wood blooms llc holding a handmade wood flower

Speaking of our owner and founder - that's me, Andi. I am passionate about growing and scaling our company with the artists, customers and values that bring more beauty and joy to this world. I pray over the growth of our business often and believe that our flowers are truly a catalyst for more positive person to person interactions across the world. If our products can provide a vehicle for you to show someone how much you love them, care for them and wish the best for them, the impact from that interaction will go much farther than that specific moment. We are here to start a chain of events that brings more beauty and joy into the world one wood flower at a time. 


If you've read this far, then you can tell that we are passionate determined to make the world a better place with what we do. We will do everything in our power to provide the highest quality, luxury wood flowers to individuals and businesses.


Whether you are interested in our line of home decor items to use for your own purposes, gifts or events, to book a custom wood flower event, custom order or a wood flower installation for your business and customers, we are here to help you make a positive impact in your community too. Thank you for being here!


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