What are sola wood flowers made of?

North Wood Blooms Owner cuts individual petals from a sheet of sola wood from the shola plant to make a handmade sola wood flower in the wood flower design studio

These wooden flowers are made from the root of the Aeschynomene Aspera also known as the shola plant. Shola is a lot like balsa wood in the way that it is so light, but it is much more flexible and soft. Often called "shola" as well.  The root of this plant is shaved into rolls which then become the sheets of wood that the flowers are made from. The shola plant is a renewable resource and a natural material, so they are eco-friendly and renewable.  Read our blog to learn the process of how they're made and some more details about the plant iteslf on our blog post! 

Do you make all of your sola wood flowers by hand? 

Yes and no. ALL of my flowers are handmade. I personally handmake special requests that I cannot order wholesale. I have wholesalers that I order handmade flowers from. Many of these are handmade overseas and are shipped to the United States where they are then distributed to other wood florists like me.

Can I get a quote to purchase your luxury wood flowers for my wedding? 

North Wood Blooms LLC of Antigo WI creates handmade wood flower bouquets and arrangements with sola wood flowers

Yes! We are booking for 2024! Inquire here.


What if my piece gets damaged during shipping? 

Once your wood flowers leave our studio, it is impossible to keep track of how they handle the package. For this reason, it is possible that items can get damaged in shipping, just like any package from any online purchase. 

We do our very best to take close care of packing your purchase. Should you be an unlucky consumer, I will ask that you take plenty of photos and send them to info@northwoodblooms.com with the subject line: SHIPPING DAMAGE order #.    

I will provide replacements of the broken or damaged flowers and resend those to you with instructions of how to repair or replace.

If damage is extensive you will be asked to ship back to me and I will provide a replacement when I receive it along with the photos you took of the unopened package and the contents within. I will file an insurance claim with the shipping carrier and make sure that I do everything I can to help you get a quality piece in the mail. Small chips or breaks do happen and will not be replaced without photos of the package before opening, so please keep that in mind! Photos of your box before opening, while opening and after opening are imperative - including the date received and opened. 

We do not issue refunds for damaged items in shipping - we will work with you to fix the problem to the best of our ability. We have a wonderful track record right now out of over 2000 orders only one has had an issue as of May 2023! 🤞

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