All About Luxury Wood Flower Wedding Florals from North Wood Blooms LLC

All About Luxury Wood Flower Wedding Florals from North Wood Blooms LLC

Hey there, lovely brides-to-be and wedding enthusiasts! It's Andi Gretzinger, owner of NWB here, and I am beyond thrilled to dive into the oh-so-romantic world of wedding florals with you. Seriously, is there anything more dreamy than being surrounded by a sea of beautiful blooms on your special day? I don't think so, but you already know I'm completely and totally biased there.  

I want to chat with you about all things floral for your wedding and let me tell you, if you're on the hunt for something luxurious and eco-friendly, our company, North Wood Blooms, has got you covered with their stunning luxury wood flowers whether your from Wisconsin like us, or if you are a world away - we will send them to you safely! So, let's get right into it! (Or check out our event portfolio and pricing here to see what we're really talking about!) 

Unveiling the Enchantment of Wedding Florals

Oh, where do I even begin with the magic that is wedding florals? These beauties have this incredible way of evoking emotions and setting the tone for your entire celebration. It's a whole vibe when florals are included in strategic places. From those picture-perfect bouquets to the show-stopping and even understated centerpieces, wedding florals are the heart and soul of your décor. And if you're like me and want to infuse a touch of luxury and memory making into your big day, our luxury wood flowers are calling your name.

Hold onto your veils, because here's the scoop: whether you're having an intimate elopement or a full-blown extravaganza, wedding florals are your ultimate sidekick. Seriously, these floral wonders suit any style, any theme, and any vibe you've got going on. So, whether you're a bride who loves all things classic or a groom who's all about that rustic charm, luxury wood flowers are here to play matchmaker for your wedding vision.

Diving into the offerings of North Wood Blooms - Luxury Wood Flowers

At North Wood Blooms LLC, we're all about crafting the most breathtaking luxury wood flowers that scream style and sustainability. And guess what? I'm here to spill the tea on what kind of floral magic you can expect:

Luxury Wood Flower Bouquet by North Wood Blooms of Antigo, WI
  1. Bridal Bouquets: You know that moment when you walk down the aisle? Picture yourself holding a bouquet made of luxury wood flowers that's as unique as you are - and then you get to see that bouquets for the years to come. Swoon.

  2. Bridesmaid Bouquets: Let your besties shine with bouquets, floral hoops, floral lanterns, single stems, posy bouquets, wearable florals, anything that perfectly complement your floral dreams. Bonus? They'll be swooning over these blooms long after the day is done, just like you! So we say go traditional bouquet or think outside of the box and allow them to carry options that can serve as ready-made home decor after the event.

    Wood Flower Boutonniere by North Wood Blooms on Groom Tux for Wedding Day
  3. Charming Boutonnieres and Corsages: Gents and special guests, get ready to don these lightweight, timeless wood flower accessories that are sure to turn heads. We use specialty acrylic pins to attach your boutonnieres easily and securely, can create the ultra-trendy pocket boutonniere that fits right into any shirt (alleviating the need for a pin altogether!) and corsage wristlets that can double as an adornment to a special vase or photo frame after the event. Imagine your Mom, Grandmother, Godmother or bestie framing a photo of you both from the wedding and attaching the actual flowers from that day to the frame!? I mean, can you feel the sentimental memories rushing back already? 

  4. Centerpieces: No one can resist the allure of stunning centerpieces. And when they're made of wood flowers? Pure perfection for your reception tables and so many more spaces after the fact. These are great gifts for those special relationships that don't get to carry florals on your big day. 

  5. Arch Decorations: Saying "I do" under an arch covered in wood flowers? But hear me out - what if that luxury floral focal piece doesn't go unused after only a few hours? What if it decorates your bedroom over your bed? Hangs in your dining room as a focal piece after the fact? Umm, yes please! It's like stepping into your dream wedding day everyday for years to come. 

    Wood Flower Cake Florals for Wedding by North Wood Blooms
  6. Cake Florals: Elevate your cake game with wood flower toppers that tie your theme together like the cherry on top. We get them to you early enough so your baker can adorn your cake in the most amazing collaboration of artistry for your big day. 

  7. Table Runners and Garlands: Want to take things up a notch? Picture wood flower table runners cascading down your tables, adding that touch of luxury you've been dreaming of and providing a conversation piece while you are out smooching your forever love for sunset photos. 

  8. Custom Floral Letters: Ceremony charm, dreamy photos, and reception grace. Post-wedding, it's a cherished keepsake adorning your home with everlasting love. Let blooms tell your tale, and celebrate a new last name, if that's your thing! 

Why Luxury Wood Flowers Are the Bomb

Hold onto your flower crowns, because luxury wood flowers bring a ton of perks to your party:

  1. Eco-Chic Vibes: Choosing these wood flowers means you're saying a big ol' yes to Mother Earth. Sustainable materials for the win!

  2. Forever in Bloom: Unlike fresh flowers, luxury wood flowers stay vibrant and gorgeous long after your "I dos." Talk about everlasting memories.

  3. Color Play: Customization alert! You can dye these blooms in any color your heart desires, making sure your floral game is on point.

  4. Allergy-Free Love: If sneezes aren't on your guest list, these wood flowers are your saviors. No pollen, no problems!

  5. Stress Free Timing: We make sure that your florals arrive long before your wedding day. Typically, we recommend two weeks, but we can work within your timeline - which means you can pickup for free here in Antigo, Wisconsin or we can ship directly to you with adequate time. 

Ladies and gents, when it comes to wedding florals, North Wood Blooms LLC and our luxury wood flowers are here to make your heart skip a beat. Your wedding is all about celebrating your love story, and these blooms are your story's most enchanting narrators. So go on, embrace the elegance and eco-fabulousness of luxury wood flowers – it's your big day, and these blooms are here to make it absolutely unforgettable. Cheers to love, style, and all things floral. 

I would absolutely love to chat with you about how we can make your wedding day a beautiful floral dream come true - just click here to inquire for your upcoming wedding day! See you in the inbox! 

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