Boho Bouquet Bridal Portrait Styled Shoot

Boho Bouquet Bridal Portrait Styled Shoot

Have you considered bridal portraits to be a part of your wedding planning experience? When I got married back in 2013, I had never heard of bridal portraits! Now in 2021, this makes so much sense and is such a fun way to nail your entire ensemble before the big day! 

Imagine this: 

You have your bridal gown hanging and waiting to be worn on your big day. Your hair appointment is booked and a trial appointment is getting closer. The makeup artist works at the same salon, so your trial appointment with her will be the same day. Why get dressed up with no place to go? That is where bridal portraits come in. You don't have all of the nerves and anxiety on the wedding day. You are excited to be dressed up and feeling confident in your look for the moment you get to say, "I do". With no pressure and just fun, this day could be something to remember all on it's own! I say get it girl!

If you coordinate with me for your wood flower wedding bouquet, I can have it ready to go for your bridal portrait session as well! That is the huge benefit of wood flowers - you can get your wedding florals early. You can use them for multiple occasions and still have them as a keepsake after the events. Imagine doing your bridal portraits, an elopement and then a big wedding party back home with all of your friends and family? There is no need for THREE bouquets. One wood flower bouquet can do all of that. 

Tell me in the comments if you will be looking for or have done bridal portrait sessions! I'd love to hear your experience and if wood florals would be a good fit for you!

Thank you to Sandra Lynn Photography for these amazing shots of my dear friend Carley as she features the first ever boho style bouquet made by North Wood Blooms back in April 2021. 

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