About North Wood Blooms: How we do Business

About North Wood Blooms: How we do Business

Welcome to North Wood Blooms, where we spread beauty and joy through the artistry of wood flowers. As a dedicated Luxury Wood Flower Florist and Floral Artist, let's chat about how we do busienss. 

Our Mission: Beauty, Joy and Kindness

At North Wood Blooms, our mission is simple yet profound: to spread beauty, joy and kindness while elevating spaces. It is a huge goal of mine as a professional wood flower florist to really push the envelope of what wood flowers are capable of. As a Wood Flower Florist and Floral Artist, I am passionately committed to creating arrangements that go beyond traditional blooms and bring you ready-to-ship floral designs made with an everlasting product that serves as a way to brighten lives, make memories and do kind acts. Each creation is a testament to sustainability, craftsmanship, and the sheer delight of gifting florals to loved ones. Shop our home decor and gifts right here on the website to see what we have ready and waiting to ship directly to you or your loved ones.

Where to Find Us

We are primarily online! North Wood Blooms wood flower design studio is nestled in Antigo, Wisconsin - and is not a public shopping space. Although we do not have storefront boutique, we do have our florals displayed proudly in a few! Harper's Mercantile in downtown Antigo hosts our wood flower arrangements for easy-to-grab everlasting floral gifts. The best way to shop with us is online and through our social media channels where your order gets shipped directly to you anywhere in the US and even worldwide! We are proud to create our designs right here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. 

In-Person Opportunity: DIY Workshops

One way that we can see you in-person is at a DIY Wood Flower Workshop! We partner with many Wisconsin businesses to host DIY events in their spaces and would love to come to you! Our DIY opportunities have many benefits of attending as is a great way to forge partnerships with other small business owners like us. Please read more about our wood flower workshop benefits and how to host a workshop with us for your own business, corporate team, church, family or private event! 

Connecting with the Community: More Than a Florist

North Wood Blooms is more than a Wood Flower Florist; we're a community advocate for kindness. We believe in the power of connection and the joy that blooms from sharing beautiful moments while just being plain good humans.  We run an annual kindness campaign called "Sponsor a Stem" and have partnered with many community organizations to raise funds for their causes. Check out our partnership with Melanie's Mission for our Random Acts of Kindness Campaign that helps bring single wood flower stems to community members that deserve an extra reminder that they are appreciated! 

Blooming Businesses: Elevate your Client Experience

At North Wood Blooms, we transform business spaces into memorable experiences by offering unique and everlasting alternatives to fresh florals. Collaborating closely with business owners and marketers, we create customized, branded, and seasonal wood flower installations, displays, arrangements, and client gifts that goes beyond the traditional. Let us be the blooming business partner that adds an everlasting touch of beauty to your brand, elevating your client experience and leaving a lasting impression.  To work with us in this capacity, simply email info@northwoodblooms.com

Custom Creativity: Weddings and Events

Collaborating closely, I aim to capture the nuances of your love story, creating bespoke wood flower arrangements that stand the test of time. Whenever you have a custom event that needs a pop of unique and artistic florals that spark conversation and elevate your space, I am your florist. To see our wedding porfolio and pricing guide check out our page here. 

It means the world to us that you want our artistic wood flowers for any and all of your alternative floral needs. We will never be able to recreate God's work of fresh floral beauty, but we are adding our own unique touch and experience with a non-traditional, yet elevated floral experience. 

What else do you want to know? How can we serve you? 

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