Our favorite Benefits of Wood Flowers

Our favorite Benefits of Wood Flowers

Wood Flowers are becoming a major trend for weddings, home decor and so much more! Here at North Wood Blooms, We can totally see why!


So what are the benefits of wood flowers? Here are our favorites: 

1. Limitless Colors (We hand dye all of our blooms with a variety of colors and techniques)

2. Everlasting - they can last a lifetime or longer!


3. Hypoallergenic - no pollen! (However, please be aware that allergies to preserved fillers is still important to talk to your florist about) 

4. Low Maintenance - no water, no sun needed. Just a little cool air to dust off, and tips to keep them from getting brittle or too moist when storing and displaying. Care cards come with every purchase

5. Always in season - always in bloom and no need to wait for a plant to produce - these are handmade so you can have tulips in December!

6. Lightweight - no heavy bouquets here!

7. No water, no wilting - always in bloom with no messes!

8. Custom shapes - these can be works of art or recreations of God’s work. As artists, we get to use this medium to have fun and play with shape and form as much as any other art.

9. Reusable - you can repurpose your bouquet, reuse your elopement bouquet for a later reception, use florals for an installation in two different locations or reuse your event florals as home decor - the possibilities are endless.

10. Shippable - these can go from our studio to your home anywhere in the world - and are able to be shipped ahead to your event for a less-stress scenario!

11. Sustainably farmed - The plant that the sola wood flower is made from is called Aeschynomene aspera - and often called the shola plant. Similar to the tapioca plant, it comes from the root of the plant and is able to be harvested and planted again and again.

If any of these features intrigue you, you are in the right place! All of our floral creations are made with sola wood flowers and are created with the utmost care and elevated artistry to provide you with luxury floral arrangements that last for years and years to come! 

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