What are Wood Flowers Made of? How are they made?

What are Wood Flowers Made of? How are they made?

Owner of North Wood Blooms cuts sheets of sola wood into individual petals to create a handmade sola wood flower in the NWB wood flower design studio

This is a very common question! 

The sola wood flower is a natural, sustainable handmade flower that originates from the Aeschynomene Aspera plant, which grows in tropical regions such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia - definitely not northern Wisconsin where we are located! The Aeschynomene Aspera is a type of marsh plant that is harvested and dried to create these unique Sola wood flowers. The wood itself is similar to balsa wood in the texture and weight of the wood itself. Each flower is hand-crafted into a variety of shapes and can even be used to make jewelry and other decorations. 

North Wood Blooms owner creates sola wood flowers by hand petal by petal

Each sola wood flower is created with unique details and characteristics, making them truly one of a kind, even when making the same style many times over. 

The process of creating a flower from sola wood is truly an art form. The wood is first soaked and then cut into small petal shapes. Each petal is then hand-dyed with a range of colors, resulting in vibrant and beautiful shades. The petals hand-shaped and tied or glued together, leaving no two flowers exactly the same.

north wood blooms llc owner andi cuts sola wood rolls by hand to create a handmade sola wood flower in the wood flower design studio

This plant is not native to North America, so North Wood Blooms imports our flowers from suppliers overseas and source flowers from wholesalers that have manufacturers they work with to provide florists like us with quality handmade flowers when we don’t make them ourselves.

If our owner Andi made ever flower with her two hands, we wouldn’t have the time to create the number of arrangements that we do.

However, all of our flowers are handmade by artisans overseas, some right at the farms in which the plant is grown. Andi does create florals by hand right here in Antigo, WI from imported Sola sheets, but most often you can find us painting florals that have been crafted by other artisans, which also supports the growth of our industry and supply chain. Your purchase with NWB not only supports our families, but other small business families as well!


Thanks for reading this far about the product and process behind our business. The best way to get a feel for these flowers is in person. So set up an appointment with us to shop at our warehouse location, or to order online to be shipped directly to your home. Our online shop is full of beautiful creations ready to be made for you in our signature collections, or ready to be shipped to you from our seasonal collections. 

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about sola wood flowers and how North Wood Blooms works with them! 

North Wood Blooms LLC of Antigo Wisconsin creates handmade sola wood flowers by hand to show the artistry behind the handmade blooms
A close up of a handmade sola wood flower by owner of North Wood Blooms LLC a Wood Flower Florist in Wisconsin

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