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What is your process? How and Why we use Wood Flowers

In the enchanting studio of North Wood Blooms, our wood flowers aren't just petals; they're an art form, a labor of love crafted from Shola wood and Sebastiana wood. It was by accident that I found wood flowers, but it is by choice that I continue to use them as the center of our business. Wood Flowers are amazing in even their most basic form, but when artists like us get a hold of them, they truly transform into works of art that stand the test of time. What a beautiful combination of both a natural and everlasting alternative to fresh florals. 

As a Floral Artist specializing in alternative florals, let's dive into the magic behind the scenes and walk you through our process here at NWB:

1. Crafting from the Heart: Handmade Petals

To us, every flower tells a story. We start with the thin and soft shola wood and sesbania wood, and carefully handcraft each petal into handmade works of art. This meticulous process ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of every wood flower, setting them apart from traditional blooms and other manufactured sola wood flowers.

Whenever needed, we will source the highest quality wood flowers from reputable wholesalers that import pre-made, yet handmade, sola flowers from India and Thailand. Even when some flowers are sourced, we ensure quality of your bloom and hand-paint, airbrush and dye your flower with care and precision.

2. Dyeing for Elegance: Bringing Hues to Life

Our commitment to artistic expression extends to the vibrant colors that grace our wood flowers. Through a precise dyeing process, we breathe life into the petals, creating a palette that reflects the beauty of nature, or the vibrancy and complete fantasy of client requests. Each hue is a testament to the versatility of alternative florals - and is why I fell in love with them as a professional wood flower florist. With an affinity for color theory and custom color matching, mixing and application, your wooden flowers are sure to be crafted with an artistic vision in mind. 

3. Treating with Tender Care: Ensuring Longevity

To achieve the everlasting quality of our wood flowers, we take extra steps to treat each bloom with care. This process not only enhances their durability but also ensures that the natural essence of wood is preserved, making them a sustainable choice for eco-conscious enthusiasts.

4. Sourcing Additional Materials: An Artistic Journey

Our dedication to artistry goes beyond craftsmanship. We carefully source materials, selecting the finest components to add into our wood flower arrangements that resonate with our artistry and your vision as a client.  It's a journey that starts with ethical practices and results in one-of-a-kind floral masterpieces. We are in the process of finding ways to source and create as many of our own raw materials so we can proudly say that the majority (if not all) of your product was manufactured here in the USA. 

5. Artistry in Arrangement: Pride in Production

The true magic happens when these handcrafted, dyed, and treated wood flowers come together in unique arrangements. As a Floral Artist, I take pride in arranging each bloom in ways that transcend traditional floral design, creating an artful expression of beauty that lasts a lifetime. I will never copy or reproduce other designs and take credit for them I will always use pre-designed arrangements as inspiration and put my own unique flair into your request. It is important to me that the integrity of the vision remain intact. While inspiration is appreciated, our twist on your project is essential to the unique and original work of art you receive. 

6. The Final Purpose: Beauty, Joy and Kindness

North Wood Blooms is not just a business; it's a purpose-driven endeavor. Through wood flowers, we aim to redefine the floral experience, offering alternative florals that tell a story of sustainability, craftsmanship, and artistic innovation while staying true to our mission of spreading beauty and joy with others. The more kindness we can spread through our creations, the more we fulfill our ultimate mission of doing what we can to make the world a little brighter. 


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