Meet the Owner and Founder of NWB

Meet the Owner and Founder of NWB

Hey there! I'm Andi Gretzinger, the founder, owner and executive floral artist behind North Wood Blooms. 

I am the lead artist that customizes each wood flower by hand for your unique gifts, event or home. As a formally trained artist and licensed Art Teacher, you can trust that I have the skills, knowledge and experience to make your vision a reality. And, if you don't quite have a vision yet, I've got you covered! 

I pride myself on stunning color schemes and arrangements that are not only beautiful, but unique. I always request inspiration photos for large events, but I will never copy the design of another florist and believe in the artistry of floral arranging. It is important to me to be original and creative because you are both of those things and more.

No matter the size or scope of your project, I absolutely love designing all of the elements in your floral arrangements with your specific vision, color scheme and overall vibe in mind - with a touch of my own unique style and signature you can only get from NWB! 

I am a small town Wisconsinite through and through. I love serving all of my neighbors here, but I can also ship orders nationwide and beyond. North Wood Blooms products live in 39 states and, Germany, Canada and Puerto Rico as of May 2023. 

If you love the portfolio I have curated on my Instagram feed, you’ll love seeing your vision come to life in wood flowers too! 

Here is a little more about my vision for North Wood Blooms LLC: 
I believe that life is short and each moment is special. Human to human interactions are decreasing with technology, and those moments where we extend a piece of our heart to another person are becoming fewer and farther between.
If my team can help create more of those moments by creating a product from our hearts - a product that can embody so much feeling, intention and kindness to make a positive impact - we feel we have fulfilled a purpose.
It is the NWB mission to spread beauty and joy to others through wood flowers.
When a wooden flower is given, it lasts. Your wooden flower arrangement is now a tangible reminder of that moment between souls where connections and memories were made. When you see and hold that arrangement again, you can be transported back to that moment in your heart. 
We are not just in the floral business. We are a memory making business. We are a make-the-world-a-kinder-place business. We are a business that strives to bring more beauty and joy to the world one hand-painted wooden flower at a time. 


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